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This magical effect used to be limited to high-end TV commercials and corporate video, required expensive software and many hours to create

Using our TitleFX software you can now easily create personalized write-on titles that dazzle clients and help set yourself apart from the competition

Only FX4Video has this software technology
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   Use the links below to preview & purchase our other animation offerings  
Animations for Weddings:    Add a touch of elegance and magic to your videos and photo montages with these motion backgrounds, overlays and elegant write-on animated titles
Stock Video:    Beautiful, high quality and affordable HD stock video shot.  Great as backdrops for text, stills and video, as DVD menu backgrounds or as B-stock
Write-On Animated Titles:    Add the high-end effect of self-writing stock titles to your wedding and event videos without the high-end cost!  Many choices of how text is written to the screen including dazzling particle effects
Animations for Event Videos & Home Movies:    Add a touch of magic to your event videos and home movies with these animated titles, motion backgrounds, overlays, text revealers, transition overlays, particleFX and pyro animations
Most of our products are available for FinalCutPro, Adobe Premiere 6.5, Premiere Pro, Premiere Pro CS, Premiere Elements, Sony VegasPro, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Avid DVXpress, Avid Media Composer and ProShow Producer!
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We now offer Wedding Animations for Casablanca & Applied Magic editing systems!
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Go here for Free HD Wedding Animations    ------    Go here for Free HDV Stock Video
   Using FX4Video animations gives YOU the advantage!  
  • Create visually stunning graphics
  • Personalize your customer's videos
  • Create custom write-on title animations
  • Add touches of elegance & magic to videos
  • Save time and money
  • HD, 4x3 & 16x9 in both NTSC & PAL
  • Products available via Instant Download
  • Purchase individual animations from $10
  • "Build A Bundle" & save 15% to 30%
  • Tutorials included with most products
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Tribute video for my Dad
Some wedding footage courtesy of Charles Bagnasco
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